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Happy 1st year Anniversary blog… =) November 11, 2007

dThis november my official blog is celebrating its 1st year anniversary. I never expected it to last.. and people to even read it. I begin with this blog in sheer boredom and curiosity on “blogging”. This blog contains almost everything.. from my basic interest, my latest finds, inspirations, my new collection and events for one whole year.

To those who are part of my friends in the ever popular Facebook, as my status clearly says – Irene is excited for a fun filled week. Why? My friend from LA is coming home. Meaning party almost every night. Numerous out of town trip… But most importantly, I am totally looking forward to get my Japanese Fashion Magazine from him. Since, he’d be staying here in my apartment for a couple of days before we go out of town… I am so determined to get cool dining chairs. It doesn’t have to be expensive. So there, I am still on a look out hopefully i find before he comes over.


I am so desperate to fix my apartment.. I think, the dining chairs will be the first step in fixing my place. Right now, it looks like a storage and work space and not really a home… I just wish, I just have the time. I am thinking of this look….


Or this look..


What do you think?


Sneak preview of Coochi Lala Home September 30, 2007

Home is slowly building up.. I recently repositioned my creativity to design not for fashion but for the home. I am not formally launching it just yet. I feel that my Home section is still not enough. When its sooo packed with trinkets and coochi stuff, then I’ll know its time. Here are some photos of what you’ll find at Coochi Home.

Fabric wall decor
jewelry holders
vintage and rare books
vintage clocks
embellished blackboard post
disco light
picture line

mn mn bvc

mnb cx x

So tell me what you think? Or better yet… why don’t you come visit us.


Anyone up for a challenge… August 14, 2007

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bvI always thought that my store is a tiny retail shop with less problems and less headache compared to Bayo, Bench etc. I never thought it is this complicated and lots of work that you forget that there is such a thing as a- REST DAY. Anyone up for the challenge and interested to be my business partner? haha.. This is probably far fetch call out but I am really looking for someone to handle the business side of the store while I handle the creative side. Juggling both is not an easy job.. Its so hard to be working alone- designing and choosing the merchandise, while you have to fix the taxes, salaries.. do payment scheduling and what not. But don’t get me wrong… Having a store is fun… super!! And a total dream come true. But the work load is exag! So if you are up for the challenge, just email me. =) This might be the answer to both our prayers.

pl I need something like this in my work space


A dream cake.. August 2, 2007

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cakDo you believe that this is a cake? What? =) Yes the whole sewing machine is an edible cake. Check out the details, the colors are just perfect. Looks real and totally close to the real antique sewing machine. I wonder, would you have the courage to slice up a beautiful cake?


my dream office interior May 22, 2007

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I came across a cool blog on interior design and all things creative. I fell in love with this “super creative environment”. I call it “my dream office/factory/work space. It is a hip office space in Philly (Urban outfitter). Who knows one day…


another chloe May 17, 2007

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vcDo you remember my previous post about this beautiful chloe dress… well here is an addition to my wish list… another beautiful Chloé – a multi colored charm necklace. Made of a brass chain link and a number of charms including birds and flowers with a clasp fastening at back of neck. Simply fabulous…


Marianne my marianne fav work May 6, 2007

Got so busy going through product sampling, viewing websites of probable consignors for the stores. I use to find it fun and exciting, but recently, I realized most accessory designs have a certain common factor – “too easy to make”. Less thought off, just boring… Then I thought to myself. Am I just being too picky! to “arte”… Yah maybe. But come on – aren’t we all looking for something new? Here are some cool finds I found browsing thru my hive. HINT: I am still looking for something new. Send me an email…

Marianne Anderson

Inspired by the history of ornament, Marianne Anderson’s jewellery presents a considered exploration of traditional ornamental forms and a refreshingly original interpretation of the decorative.


For more of Marianne’s work Marianne’s website