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Sneak preview of Coochi Lala Home September 30, 2007

Home is slowly building up.. I recently repositioned my creativity to design not for fashion but for the home. I am not formally launching it just yet. I feel that my Home section is still not enough. When its sooo packed with trinkets and coochi stuff, then I’ll know its time. Here are some photos of what you’ll find at Coochi Home.

Fabric wall decor
jewelry holders
vintage and rare books
vintage clocks
embellished blackboard post
disco light
picture line

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mnb cx x

So tell me what you think? Or better yet… why don’t you come visit us.


Cool stores in Japo March 6, 2007

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01b-1.jpgFor those who know my type of fashion… my inspiration in determining my clothing collection – you’ll know how japanese fashion greatly influence my “style” – both store and personal. I am addicted to japanese fashion magazine. I feel depress when my friend from Los Angeles forgets … (raffy this is for you) to send a copy of Ginza, etc. To make up for the delay my friend sent me some cool japanese website (that also need translating). I found some cool “store pics” for sharing. Check them out.

01b.jpg 04b.jpg05b.jpg5b.jpg7.jpg07a1.jpg09b.jpg011b.jpg


Breakfast at Seatles December 16, 2006

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imgp2932.JPGRecently I had a wonderful breakfast meeting/chat with my friend Rica. We wanted to discuss what articles to post in the website. While we were having breakfast at Seatles Best Powerplant Mall – I noticed how cool the interiors. Love the corner panoramic photo on the wall on the new extension area Check out the brick wallpaper. The shop interior is totally different from the way I remembered it. I believe they renovated just recently. They did a pretty good job. I also do recommend the breakfast. Dont forget to try their pancakes. =)

imgp2933.JPG imgp2934.JPG


My ongoing project – my apartment November 21, 2006

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As I’ve said in my previous post.. I want to redecorate my apartment. Slowly… well more on VERY slow, I take tiny time fixing my house. With my limited budget I just try to make the most of what I have. I made use of furniture that was just hand down to me. Namely – Paolo’s old futon sofa.. The upholstery is yucky. I had to just cover it with some excess fabric from my clothes collection. Some of the nice vintage fabric are gifts from designer friends which I cut out and with the help of double sided tape, I used it as accent on those typical kitchen cabinet doors. I wanted some opulent feel.. I had to choose some rich dark colored curtains… which by the way were on sale at SM department store. Got it for P245/panel… Spent more or less P1500 for both windows including the rod. The challenge really is on the creation of unique interior design on such a shoe string budget. Tell me what you think… Love to hear some great ideas to help me design my place.

imgp2700.JPG imgp2704.JPG

On my line up – change the kitchen door handle to something more colorful. Stickers to apply on the white times. Some nice pots and pans… Oh please! Yah my pots are just eeks.. I saw this really nice retro chairs at Dimensione… will post pictures soon. Throw-pillow on my sofa. I wanted some disco feeling throw pillows.. Those silver sequined ones and maybe few turquoise color. Those are few of my top priority on my list.

imgp2705.JPG imgp2710.JPG imgp2712.JPG