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Perfume necklace.. out to get you November 2, 2007

fdWhen I got those cute perfume charms I thought I just had to make it into necklaces. It took me 2 months to finally come up with the Perfume necklace collection. Please do check it out..

Selling Price: P450… each piece is uniquely design with its own quirkiness.
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Frida Fringes.. something to check out. August 10, 2007

As I was rummaging through my closet of beads, chains, charms, headpieces, straps etc.. looking for a new inspiration. I came across something interesting. My staff knows that I have the tendency to hoard, collect things that I feel got potential and oftentimes I forget all about it. I had this neckpiece for a almost a year now, I suddenly decide to make something out of it… Meet Frida, Frida fringes…

I love how the fringes falls to your neck.. It will surely dress up you simple outfit.. just don’t forget the cleavage power. =) Remember, I only have 3 limited edition pieces.

Neckpiece sold for P899





“Play a bit” necklaces collection out now July 28, 2007

fdAside from it being my inspiration for my Coochilala logo… I got so into it that I decided to “play a bit” and work on a full necklace collection made of scrabble letters and bingo chips. It is something new, expect it to be a true conversational piece. So to those who plan to copy this again… Once you finish doing your own version I’ll be out with something new … as always.

I really had a hard time finding the right bingo chips… and scrabble letters. But I am so determine to come out with this collection that I had to go to 8 bookstores and office supply stores just to find the right one, when finally I did… I had to figure out a way to make it into a charm.. Enjoy this collection while it last for I am not making a whole bunch.. It is a limited engagment =)

cf bh cx

cf xd xs


Marianne my marianne fav work May 6, 2007

Got so busy going through product sampling, viewing websites of probable consignors for the stores. I use to find it fun and exciting, but recently, I realized most accessory designs have a certain common factor – “too easy to make”. Less thought off, just boring… Then I thought to myself. Am I just being too picky! to “arte”… Yah maybe. But come on – aren’t we all looking for something new? Here are some cool finds I found browsing thru my hive. HINT: I am still looking for something new. Send me an email…

Marianne Anderson

Inspired by the history of ornament, Marianne Anderson’s jewellery presents a considered exploration of traditional ornamental forms and a refreshingly original interpretation of the decorative.


For more of Marianne’s work Marianne’s website


Summer accessories… April 2, 2007

Everytime summer is near people get glued to colorful accessories – from fruits, to flowers, to anything with vibrant color. Even clothes with summery prints – dainty and light material. For 3 years of accessory designing, summer is the most fun time to create some unique and non-serious pieces. Often than not I love to take advantage.. and get bold. and bolder. every year. Here are some of my creations for this summer.

Tutti Frutti neckace
tf1 tf3 tf4 tf2

Summer Cuffs
sc1 sc2 sc3 sc4


Mega Magazine Feature… March 1, 2007

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mega-cover.jpgAfter months of hybernating… I am so happy to see my latest collection featured at the new Mega issue March 2007. I love the photos aside from the fact that my brother Paolo was the photographer. A really good styling job by Patrick Ty (mega’s fashion editor). To prove how much I love the fashion spread I bought 3 copies of this particular issue… The last time I bought a whole bunch of copies was when my store was featured as “those vintage out of the way stores” more than a year ago. Yah… I had curly hair that time.. eews!!

mega-pic-2.jpg mega-pic-6.jpg

If you want to check out all the photos click on the photo above.


Military rising .. and lumina has sprung this spring. February 2, 2007

I love Spring. I love all the colors that come with the season. Inspired by huge flowers in bright like neon-ic retro bulbs illuminating even in the dark. Cool and eye catching?! That’s our inspiration for this collection. The store is filled with tons of floral and paisley printed tunic tops and baby doll dresses. Not to mention, one of my favorite creation this spring are the Lumina Necklaces. Check out the floral brooch made of bright colored nylon zippers. We also added some plastic chains and scrap fabric intertwined to create a layered “Retro feel”. And to be extraordinaire this spring, check out our 60’s military necklaces that re-invents your favorite shirt or worn out jeans.

Military Necklaces



Winter collection 2005.. reminiscing. December 16, 2006

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I miss my stylehive… I missed like 40 pages since my last login. That’s how busy I am. Its Christmas what can I say. As I was going through my archive I saw my collection last year. Let me post it to see the comparison of my work. I wonder, did I evolve in some ways? Did I grow as a designer? Tell me what you think…

snowlong007.jpg      snowshort006.jpg   snowshort2008.jpg


Smooth Military December 10, 2006

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Busy busy busy… I have been overworked, I lack sleep, I feel like my throat is starting to sore… Inspite of all that I was so determine to finish my Military collection. My schedule is sooo erratic – I am going crazy!! – Sorry I just had to say all this.


imgp2953.JPGI feel that its worth all the trouble and excitement… I love this collection. These are very rare pieces. I handpicked the patches from a vintage military suit. If only I can just keep it all to myself and maybe wear them all at the same time

imgp2952.JPG imgp2960.JPG imgp2963.JPG imgp2973.JPG imgp2990.JPG



First of the series of our Glam Rock Collection.. November 24, 2006

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My friend Lara was the one who named this collection. Glam Rock! This collection is inspired by my visitor from LA who personally loves Japanese Fashion. For months now I been wanting to use the huge colored coated pins my friend Mickey See brought from HongKong. The materials for this collection is from my daily hand picking of found objects I’ve gathered through the months of searching, conceptualizing… yah and even soul searching. But like what they say.. once you start you just cant stop. Check out the “first” of my Glam Rock Collection… meaning – expect more very soon

imgp2732.JPG imgp2744.JPG imgp2746.JPG imgp2752.JPG imgp2755.JPG