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Numina Fashion show February 1, 2008

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I know I have neglected my blog. Got too tied up… Here is an interesting post… Last Saturday, since its a quiet and non busy weekend, Irene’s closet agreed to sponsor a graphic art exhibit and fashion show called Ateneo ACTM Numina Evogue self expression i fashion. It was a fun experience putting together 16 different outfit for woman and 5 cool outfit for men. It is sure a COOL experience seeing our items on the runway.

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Awesome Mega Magazine Issue October 13, 2007

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meaI am fascinated with the Mega October Issue. Love the fashion spread.. Thanks to Fashion Editor Patrick Ty for using some of our items at the store to complete the wonderful spread.

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Check out Celine’s dress which she wore at the MEGA 10 most beautiful party.. A dress by Geof Gonzales our June/July featured artist of the month

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Best dessert… show September 4, 2007

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fdIt was a really short notice event.. I even thought it is not going to push through. But I am happy I agreed to sponsor the clothing of such an event. It is something different and really interesting. It was a 2 day thingy – in a day there are 3 different theme – Paris, New York and Japan. Of course outfit had to blend with the theme. Since the store got stuff of almost everything we came out with a lovely 3 set of outfit. Here are some photos of the event and some photos while the models were doing their usual fitting.


New york

The japan theme was my favorite and it was only one I got to see.. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take photos of the clothes. I guess I got so distracted by the delicious dessert. It was the best I ever tasted.

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Devil wears knock off.. haha August 20, 2007

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kjThis is the 2nd time I am blocking a contact in my multiply blog. I cant believe how this blog had the guts to bash something in my store and call it a knock off.. Excuse me… sorry to disappoint you feeling “fashionista” expert – I don’t sell knock off!! Even had the guts to grab some photos in my blog. Geesh.. How low can someone get. I am not posting the site nor mentioning the name or the item…. For this blog to be popular. Yah maybe in a million years.

I am happy with what Rockwell did with the latest Urban Bazaar. The adding of new stores, new concepts and brands made it really interesting and worth going to. To those who missed Irene’s Closet, in last weekend bazaar – we are an escalator away. Come on. I am sure, who ever went to the bazaar still went to the Archaeology wing. Our wing were packed with shoppers and sales been great!!!


Limited edition .. I am not plastic.. bag July 29, 2007

I enjoyed making my own ensemble of the I’am not plastic bag. Or should I say, I wanted to add more of “irene’s closet” touch to the Edgy Ecology bag. Since the store has been known to sell unique pieces and not mass produced, I thought I just had to make it more personalize. Check out the first batch of the I am not plastic bag with a twist. We just displayed it today and luckily we sold 2 at once.
The I am not plastic bag, limited edition will also be available at Schu, Glorietta 3 by Wed Aug 1. Come grab you limited edition bag… and help eliminate plastic in a stylish way.

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I am not plastic … sold for P350 July 25, 2007

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poiBe part of a wonderful plastic elimination project… and still be stylish and totally “in”. A joint venture between Edgy Ecology, Archaeology Powerplant Mall and of course, Irene’s closet.

Hurry and help eliminate plastic.

Everytime you visit us with this bag you avail of a 10% discount on your purchase!

VIP card holders get their bag for FREE!!!! We have very limited stocks… Please Hurry!


A featured article at 2Bu Inquirer July 18 July 19, 2007

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I have been a huge fan of Ms. Pam Pastor Editor of 2bU and Super of Philippine Daily Inquirer . Aside from the fact that she is a “true person” , she is a great writer. When I was called for an interview, I almost fell off my chair… Here is the article that came out yesterday. I love to share it with you guys.


Get ready to raid this Closet

By Pam Pastor

Last updated 07:54pm (Mla time) 07/17/2007

MANILA, Philippines—Irene’s Closet is one secret every fashion-loving Pinay knows about.
For several years now, girls have been raiding her closet, from the one she first put up in her house in Palm Village and the little store she opened in the same village to her first space in Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

Her choice vintage finds have become great additions to the wardrobes of many Filipinas, and the whimsical accessories she designs and makes with her own hands have been featured prominently in the pages of the country’s glossies.

Irene’s creative juices just keep flowing. Showing no signs of stopping, she continues to explore her passion for fashion and all things pretty in her new space at Rockwell’s Archaeology wing, which was launched just last month.

“I am happy and totally ecstatic to be part of a haven of young independent Filipino designers and retailers personally handpicked by Rockwell Power Plant,” says Irene Pineda, proprietor.

And she has earned her spot there with her creations—from summer cuffs and crocheted necklaces that many have copied, to her one-of-a-kind neck- and head-pieces.
Irene recently introduced Coochi Lala, her new line of clothes.

“The sole purpose of Coochi Lala is to reinvent, recreate and reconstruct pre-loved items. Each piece is uniquely created, designed and handcrafted,” she explains.
The clothes do look and feel more like works of art, and the brand still fits what Irene’s Closet originally set out to do—to offer wardrobe additions to people who love “things that are not mass-produced or mass-marketed.”

Irene believes that’s where the attraction is.Irene also continues to carry her accessories line—her charm bracelets are adorable. She also collaborated with I Love You Store and produced graffiti kung-fu shoes inspired by the need for self-expression. She feels that her partnership with I Love You Store is a natural one, because of their shared love for vintage fashion and art.

The red kung-fu shoes Irene designed is embellished with elements that represent her craft, her light, travel and feeling lost in a fast-moving world.

Raiding Irene’s Closet is like raiding your best friend’s wardrobe—if your best friend has a flair for art and an eye for one-of-a-kind goodies.
Trust us, this is not just a closet. It’s a treasure trove.

Visit Irene’s Closet at R2 level, Archaeology Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati. Operating hours are 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Mondays-Thursdays and Sundays; 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays. Call 8961058 or e-mail