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Mega Magazine Feature… March 1, 2007

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mega-cover.jpgAfter months of hybernating… I am so happy to see my latest collection featured at the new Mega issue March 2007. I love the photos aside from the fact that my brother Paolo was the photographer. A really good styling job by Patrick Ty (mega’s fashion editor). To prove how much I love the fashion spread I bought 3 copies of this particular issue… The last time I bought a whole bunch of copies was when my store was featured as “those vintage out of the way stores” more than a year ago. Yah… I had curly hair that time.. eews!!

mega-pic-2.jpg mega-pic-6.jpg

If you want to check out all the photos click on the photo above.


My heart’s desire… a feature on Phil Star (local newspaper) February 10, 2007

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Bea Ledesma, writer of Y-syle and Pet life section of Philippines Star, who is a good friend and been so ever loved by all designers; came out with two major feature (full spread) of Irene’s closet on 2 consecutive weekends.

A feature on our lovable hairy pets apparel sold exclusively at my store, brand called Foxxy fibby

and yesterdays Y-style section – on valentine gift guide our new limited edition “heart hinge” necklace…. Bea’s article made my valentine complete. The article also featured good friends like Mickey See of Cru and Happy David.




Manual photos.. January 7, 2007

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imgp3388.JPGI am determined to compile my tear sheets starting this January. Then I realized hmmm… I might have to spend a lot imagine buying all local magazines just to check out if my items were featured. Here in the Philippines, magazines are sealed by the way, not like in the states you can read through it while you fall in line in a supermarket counter. No one will say “bawal po mag basa” (your not allowed to read or open for that matter). Anyway, as I checked Manual magazine (a men’s magazine) for items that was pulled out, as I looked through the fashion spread I know I just had to buy it. Let me share them to you… sorry no scanner.. I just took a picture of it using my camera.

imgp3363.JPG Cool ha… Clothes and Accessories of the girl model are from Irene’s closet.


Here are the rest of the fashion spread… Check it out.

imgp3375.JPG imgp3377.JPG imgp3381.JPG imgp3379.JPG