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Devil wears knock off.. haha August 20, 2007

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kjThis is the 2nd time I am blocking a contact in my multiply blog. I cant believe how this blog had the guts to bash something in my store and call it a knock off.. Excuse me… sorry to disappoint you feeling “fashionista” expert – I don’t sell knock off!! Even had the guts to grab some photos in my blog. Geesh.. How low can someone get. I am not posting the site nor mentioning the name or the item…. For this blog to be popular. Yah maybe in a million years.

I am happy with what Rockwell did with the latest Urban Bazaar. The adding of new stores, new concepts and brands made it really interesting and worth going to. To those who missed Irene’s Closet, in last weekend bazaar – we are an escalator away. Come on. I am sure, who ever went to the bazaar still went to the Archaeology wing. Our wing were packed with shoppers and sales been great!!!


Anyone up for a challenge… August 14, 2007

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bvI always thought that my store is a tiny retail shop with less problems and less headache compared to Bayo, Bench etc. I never thought it is this complicated and lots of work that you forget that there is such a thing as a- REST DAY. Anyone up for the challenge and interested to be my business partner? haha.. This is probably far fetch call out but I am really looking for someone to handle the business side of the store while I handle the creative side. Juggling both is not an easy job.. Its so hard to be working alone- designing and choosing the merchandise, while you have to fix the taxes, salaries.. do payment scheduling and what not. But don’t get me wrong… Having a store is fun… super!! And a total dream come true. But the work load is exag! So if you are up for the challenge, just email me. =) This might be the answer to both our prayers.

pl I need something like this in my work space


Irene’s closet Passport to Style Card November 21, 2006

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In celebration of Irene’s closet 2nd year anniversary, we are launching “ Irene’s Closet Passport to Style” Card. This is the first and probably the only Privilege Card with tons of benefits such as 20% discounts, monthly gift packs and freebies.



Click on Form doc , save and fill up and email it to to avail of Irene’s closet Passport to Style Card