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Happy 1st year Anniversary blog… =) November 11, 2007

dThis november my official blog is celebrating its 1st year anniversary. I never expected it to last.. and people to even read it. I begin with this blog in sheer boredom and curiosity on “blogging”. This blog contains almost everything.. from my basic interest, my latest finds, inspirations, my new collection and events for one whole year.

To those who are part of my friends in the ever popular Facebook, as my status clearly says – Irene is excited for a fun filled week. Why? My friend from LA is coming home. Meaning party almost every night. Numerous out of town trip… But most importantly, I am totally looking forward to get my Japanese Fashion Magazine from him. Since, he’d be staying here in my apartment for a couple of days before we go out of town… I am so determined to get cool dining chairs. It doesn’t have to be expensive. So there, I am still on a look out hopefully i find before he comes over.


I am so desperate to fix my apartment.. I think, the dining chairs will be the first step in fixing my place. Right now, it looks like a storage and work space and not really a home… I just wish, I just have the time. I am thinking of this look….


Or this look..


What do you think?


Rider Collection – up and running November 2, 2007

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Check out the new Irene’s closet Rider collection. Motorcycle jacket embellished with vespa and military patches on a striped knitted black and gold turtleneck top. Paired with cool motorcycle leather boots and black pants. I am proud of this new collection. Perfect casual street wear… or a trip out of town .. or malling on a rainy day. Now is the time to be fashionable without getting sweaty and less poised. Be cool…

Irene’s closet is now divided into categories

Street/Casual wear – Coochi lala
bv n

Coochi lala Home

Foxxy Fibby – people fashion for dogs

Wear art thou


Sneak preview of Coochi Lala Home September 30, 2007

Home is slowly building up.. I recently repositioned my creativity to design not for fashion but for the home. I am not formally launching it just yet. I feel that my Home section is still not enough. When its sooo packed with trinkets and coochi stuff, then I’ll know its time. Here are some photos of what you’ll find at Coochi Home.

Fabric wall decor
jewelry holders
vintage and rare books
vintage clocks
embellished blackboard post
disco light
picture line

mn mn bvc

mnb cx x

So tell me what you think? Or better yet… why don’t you come visit us.


Vintage Paper dolls.. something you’ll love. August 26, 2007

xsI am so sure you will also love this vintage paper doll photo I picked out while surfing through my favorite Indie Blogs. Don’t you just love the designs. For over 4 years now, I have been collecting stuff from vintage – posters, pins, hats, toys.. oh yah and even boyfriend. Mico (my boyfriend) is not entirely vintage (referring to age) but he has his own set of vintage collection – from vespa, mini cooper, and watches I should say. At the end of each day, we would compare our finds. I just wish he would start a blog to share his hobby. To think he writes so much better than I do.

I mentioned a while back that I am launching a new line – I still havent thought of a name this coming September. This line is a whole new collection not fashion but to HOME stuff from – vintage clocks, frames, pens, stationary, lamps, toys, and so much more. In connection with this, if you have unique home accessories that you would like to consign/sell you may email it to me at I already got tons of inquiry on this new line, we are totally preparing for it cause everyone is sooo excited.

Samples of the new line
de fe vfgr


Devil wears knock off.. haha August 20, 2007

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kjThis is the 2nd time I am blocking a contact in my multiply blog. I cant believe how this blog had the guts to bash something in my store and call it a knock off.. Excuse me… sorry to disappoint you feeling “fashionista” expert – I don’t sell knock off!! Even had the guts to grab some photos in my blog. Geesh.. How low can someone get. I am not posting the site nor mentioning the name or the item…. For this blog to be popular. Yah maybe in a million years.

I am happy with what Rockwell did with the latest Urban Bazaar. The adding of new stores, new concepts and brands made it really interesting and worth going to. To those who missed Irene’s Closet, in last weekend bazaar – we are an escalator away. Come on. I am sure, who ever went to the bazaar still went to the Archaeology wing. Our wing were packed with shoppers and sales been great!!!


Coochi Mika Collection out today August 19, 2007

All the names of the Coochi Lala collection starts with a Coochi. From Coochi Tulle, Coochi Dorothy, Coochi Andie etc.. Now we have Coochi Mika. This way its easy for me to track.

I really love this collection. My mom is painstakingly helping me put the lovely vintage fabric together to form a “scrapwork made in heaven” dress. I got tons of interesting fabric. Fabric which were gift from our famous local designer friends. From old dresses which I never had the guts to sell before because I just love the fabric. This is the first batch of the Mika collection under the brand Coochi Lala.

Keep in mind that this are one of a kind pieces therefore you will never bump into anyone with exactly the same dress. Don’t you just love that..

ds hs fd fs


Frida Fringes.. something to check out. August 10, 2007

As I was rummaging through my closet of beads, chains, charms, headpieces, straps etc.. looking for a new inspiration. I came across something interesting. My staff knows that I have the tendency to hoard, collect things that I feel got potential and oftentimes I forget all about it. I had this neckpiece for a almost a year now, I suddenly decide to make something out of it… Meet Frida, Frida fringes…

I love how the fringes falls to your neck.. It will surely dress up you simple outfit.. just don’t forget the cleavage power. =) Remember, I only have 3 limited edition pieces.

Neckpiece sold for P899





Some say “THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE…” August 6, 2007

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I LOVE YOU STORE presents A PIECE OF MIND, collective works by Sharon Atillo, Corinne Ching and Mimi Sanson.

After 2 years, the “I love you girls” are back where they started, at Café Saguijo. A group show by the threesome who stirred the local indie fashion scene by proclaiming…”Fashion will save the world”, now
brings to the art world another PIECE to ponder.

With Itchy hands
scribbling doodles
now unlimited
experience coming alive
every time perplexed meeting heads
coming ulit
to devise merchandise cries
profit reminder of expenses
dabbling bubbling concepts
imperial surface
majestic hotel
decorating forever
our peace

mn po nb

On show at Café Saguijo’s THEO GALLERY, from AUGUST 7 ’til SEPT 1.
Giujo St., San Antonio Village Makati City. For inquiries text or call


Down with a flu August 2, 2007

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I havent been this sick and this down for a year. The weather really got to me. For several days now, I have been glued to my bed, because my temperature was up to 40. Now that my temperature is back to a safe mode of 38.. Bored to death here. I just thought might as well write something in my blog.

I am so happy for the number of visits I get everyday… bhoy! I didn’t expect that people would care to read my blog, inspite of its normal nonesense. I know a lot of readers enjoy the photos that I post here.. To make your visit to my blog worth it.. here are some photos I picked out. Here are photos with exemplary styling job. Considering that this are just products shots.

fr xz


Paul smith / mini cooper / table… DIY June 30, 2007

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Yah call me cheap… But i enjoyed this DIY project I had for the store. Here is an old console table which we kinda snuck out of my boyfriends house. Since we didn’t ask permission from his mom we had to disguise it. Just incase his mom passes by the store. This DIY project is sooo Paul Smith Mini Cooper inspired. I turned a dirty, worn out, oldie console table to a hip retro/PS accent display piece. Would you believe took me only an hour to transform it and I just spent P150. Wondering how? With the use of a remarkable tool – Colored electric tape!