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Vintage trade signs … my new obsession October 21, 2007

Its fun how one discover something new to obsess upon. It was Mico who introduced me to this vintage trade signs. I soooo love them. I got my first 1960’s authentic trade sign the other day. It is a Robin Hood Hair Pomode I immediately displayed it at the store for others to enjoy too.. If someone gives me a cool offer… maybe I’ll sell it… maybe….

Another cool thing I found today… a vintage fire extinguisher. Cool ha.


Sorry for my absent posting. I got tied up with the store as always – mall wide sale and all other stuff. Finally, I will get to post my new Coochi collection – called Coochi Bambi in 3 exciting colors – Red, Black and Blue.. Check it out.



Sneak preview of Coochi Lala Home September 30, 2007

Home is slowly building up.. I recently repositioned my creativity to design not for fashion but for the home. I am not formally launching it just yet. I feel that my Home section is still not enough. When its sooo packed with trinkets and coochi stuff, then I’ll know its time. Here are some photos of what you’ll find at Coochi Home.

Fabric wall decor
jewelry holders
vintage and rare books
vintage clocks
embellished blackboard post
disco light
picture line

mn mn bvc

mnb cx x

So tell me what you think? Or better yet… why don’t you come visit us.


SPELL I R E N E June 19, 2007

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Spell your name with Flickr… I love that I stumbled through this site where flickr can spell my name using collected photos of letters in different forms.. So cool. I would love to share it with you. I even thought of using it as my signage, =)

Cool huh
i rene1 s



Vintage art.. June 4, 2007

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gfIn preparation for our new line of home accessories, I came across a really cool art/illustration site. I personally handpicked some of my favorite vintage illustrations. Love them.. just want to share it with you guys. Imagine it on shirts, frames, calendar, notebook – what do you think?.. It would also be nice to feature some local artist to create some unique artwork especially designed for the store.
hj gh1 po ki

For more graphi art check out Plan 59


Irene’s closet neon sign.. May 6, 2007

I been wanting to upload my flickr badge in my blog. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how. Oh well… I added some new photos on my flickr.. I got to post a link though, why dont your guys check it out.

Guess what, I am loving my new blackberry phone… I just feel that I am just too connected… too reachable.. too easy. No use escaping ha. Its a hand me down phone from my brother who just got the newest model. Well I cant even see the difference, but who am I to complain. I get my emails, YM messages all on real time… its like sending text. And the fun part of it all I can sinc it to my mac 24/7.

Why dont your email me… let s try –

s3For my new post – I am contemplating… figuring out the perfect signage for the store. I gathered a few signage that I found really cool and retro. Something I’ve always wanted. Check them out. Just imagine “Irene’s closet” in neon sign.. Cool? let me know what you think.


How fabulous is this dress? March 19, 2007

chloe dress
How fabulous is this dress?
Extremely stunning but yes beyond expensive. I admire the magnificantly crafted but yet uncleanable ornamentation. But I simply dont care. I just love it. Its from the chloe’s summer collection. The most perfect palette, pattern and silhouette… what ‘s there not to love? I am sure if my friend Joyce would see this – she’ll just say – “kayang kaya mo gawin yan!” (tagalog) which means “you can easily do that”.


my own apartment therapy February 20, 2007

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Fixing my apartment is a huge stress reliever . As I’ve said before it is a forever project for me. Let me share something new in my apartment. A lime green chandelier. Cool huh.. Trust me its not expensive!!!
Another cool find – a cool retro maroon colored lampshade. I also have it in lime green… My recent favorite things are my new ipod (sorry its my ever first MP3 player), radio transmitter so I could listen to my ipod anywhere (cheap connector).. and not forget my new Mac Book (which I clean everyday! hehe)