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Numina Fashion show February 1, 2008

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I know I have neglected my blog. Got too tied up… Here is an interesting post… Last Saturday, since its a quiet and non busy weekend, Irene’s closet agreed to sponsor a graphic art exhibit and fashion show called Ateneo ACTM Numina Evogue self expression i fashion. It was a fun experience putting together 16 different outfit for woman and 5 cool outfit for men. It is sure a COOL experience seeing our items on the runway.

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Perfume necklace.. out to get you November 2, 2007

fdWhen I got those cute perfume charms I thought I just had to make it into necklaces. It took me 2 months to finally come up with the Perfume necklace collection. Please do check it out..

Selling Price: P450… each piece is uniquely design with its own quirkiness.
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Parallel universes – cool fashion shoot August 29, 2007

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This is the first time I am blogging about men’s fashion. I always wanted a mens line at the store… but do you think I still have space left? hmmmm. I want to share my discovery. First, I love the fashion shoot, that’s how I discovered Merc.

” If it’s possible to put an address to a mood, a movement, a whole genre of sixties style, carnaby street’s bang on target. merc was there back then, is still hangin there today, an icon, nearly 40 years and many mod revivals later. except now the merc word is truly global, and its appeal pan-generational. Mod fashion transcends decades. sharp looks from different eras meld, metamorphose and shape the styles of today. and nobody’s finger’s more on the pulse of what was, and what will be, than merc’s.with roots in the 60’s vibe of ska and northern soul, merc has carved a unique niche with a vibrant harmonic that echoes across time and continent.”

Here are the photos I picked out.. I just had to share it with you.

For more of Merc —



How fabulous is this dress? March 19, 2007

chloe dress
How fabulous is this dress?
Extremely stunning but yes beyond expensive. I admire the magnificantly crafted but yet uncleanable ornamentation. But I simply dont care. I just love it. Its from the chloe’s summer collection. The most perfect palette, pattern and silhouette… what ‘s there not to love? I am sure if my friend Joyce would see this – she’ll just say – “kayang kaya mo gawin yan!” (tagalog) which means “you can easily do that”.


Doc Martens making a come back? November 25, 2006

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stam_vogueit1106_6.jpgThose are not combat boots… those are the popular doc martens during the 90’s… Oh please! Never did I imagine. =) I love the black and white photos by Tom Munro for the November 2006 Vogue Italia. I remember paring this ol grungy Doc Martens with a very feminine chiffon dress. I wonder where my old docs are? Probably sold it for 200 pesos in a garage sale few years back. I wonder how much they are selling now.stam_vogueit1106.jpg stam_vogueit1106_2.jpg stam_vogueit1106_4.jpg stam_vogueit1106_5.jpg stam_vogueit1106_7.jpg



November 22, 2006

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After checking some cool online japanese magazine I came across something cool. I don’t think I can pass this opportunity to post this on my blog. I hope my brother can make something like this for Abby and Fibby (our lovable dogs)… and Marni of Marni’s room..

dogfashion24.jpg dogfashion25.jpg dogfashion27.jpg dogfashion38.jpgdogfashion26.jpg dogfashion39.jpg


60’s inspired dresses..

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Welcome to Dadadie Brucke’s collection.. Cool ha? Love their interpretation of smart, modern clothing. Cuts and lines of high waisted a line dresses very flattering shapes. The colors are very 60’s inspired. Cool contrasting colors and defined geometric shapes. For more of Dadadie Brucke’s collection… click Dadadie Brucke’s

style1102.jpg style1108.jpg style1141.jpg style1142.jpg style1143.jpg style1144.jpg


Shoe to steal… November 21, 2006

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Shoe to steal.. well I just did. Check out the D&G inspired shoes I found in a thrift shop. Got it for P100… So when I found a picture of the Dolce and Gabbana white lace up mule. I just had to post it in my blog. I never had the chance to wear it though. I don’t know what outfit I can pair it with… Help.. Help me find an outfit that I could pair with this fabulous steal.

eqzoomms.jpg Bored to shoe death of the same old mules? Then slip on a pair of Dolce & Gabbana mules and live life a little more stylishly. More of the beautiful D&G shoes just click on

And of course, how can I forget.. a picture of my “shoe to steal” imgp2692.JPGimgp2695.JPG


Black and silver mirror pendants

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This fall I am so facinated with black necklaces… Necklaces made of black and silver mirror acrylic pendants that came with sterling silver necklace chain Gold mirror acrylic pendants come on a 14k gold vermeil necklace chain unless noted otherwise. Most especially the once of Alex + Chloe

  click on pic for more of alex + chloe