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Rider Collection – up and running November 2, 2007

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Check out the new Irene’s closet Rider collection. Motorcycle jacket embellished with vespa and military patches on a striped knitted black and gold turtleneck top. Paired with cool motorcycle leather boots and black pants. I am proud of this new collection. Perfect casual street wear… or a trip out of town .. or malling on a rainy day. Now is the time to be fashionable without getting sweaty and less poised. Be cool…

Irene’s closet is now divided into categories

Street/Casual wear – Coochi lala
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Foxxy Fibby – people fashion for dogs

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Green coochi lala tag July 28, 2007

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nhAfter weeks since we first displayed our first coochi lala collection it was only till recently that I got the coochi lala clothes tag. I so love it. It is very “me”. I wanted to maintain its quirkiness.. but yet less of the frills… i am done with the too artsy fartsy. I wanted the logo simple but yet playful. Inspired by the bingo chips and the scrabble letters the logo is finally out. So do you guys get what I am trying to say… I cant. hehe. Just to document it in my blog here is a photo of the clothes tag. Together with the new collection. As much as I want to post pictures of the collection here. I didn’t get to take photos. The day that we displayed the pieces 4 got sold. It is somewhat pointless to post. Lesson learned, pictures first before displaying.



November 22, 2006

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After checking some cool online japanese magazine I came across something cool. I don’t think I can pass this opportunity to post this on my blog. I hope my brother can make something like this for Abby and Fibby (our lovable dogs)… and Marni of Marni’s room..

dogfashion24.jpg dogfashion25.jpg dogfashion27.jpg dogfashion38.jpgdogfashion26.jpg dogfashion39.jpg