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Happy 1st year Anniversary blog… =) November 11, 2007

dThis november my official blog is celebrating its 1st year anniversary. I never expected it to last.. and people to even read it. I begin with this blog in sheer boredom and curiosity on “blogging”. This blog contains almost everything.. from my basic interest, my latest finds, inspirations, my new collection and events for one whole year.

To those who are part of my friends in the ever popular Facebook, as my status clearly says – Irene is excited for a fun filled week. Why? My friend from LA is coming home. Meaning party almost every night. Numerous out of town trip… But most importantly, I am totally looking forward to get my Japanese Fashion Magazine from him. Since, he’d be staying here in my apartment for a couple of days before we go out of town… I am so determined to get cool dining chairs. It doesn’t have to be expensive. So there, I am still on a look out hopefully i find before he comes over.


I am so desperate to fix my apartment.. I think, the dining chairs will be the first step in fixing my place. Right now, it looks like a storage and work space and not really a home… I just wish, I just have the time. I am thinking of this look….


Or this look..


What do you think?


Paul smith / mini cooper / table… DIY June 30, 2007

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Yah call me cheap… But i enjoyed this DIY project I had for the store. Here is an old console table which we kinda snuck out of my boyfriends house. Since we didn’t ask permission from his mom we had to disguise it. Just incase his mom passes by the store. This DIY project is sooo Paul Smith Mini Cooper inspired. I turned a dirty, worn out, oldie console table to a hip retro/PS accent display piece. Would you believe took me only an hour to transform it and I just spent P150. Wondering how? With the use of a remarkable tool – Colored electric tape!


DIY or DIE … motto May 27, 2007

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p For every collection of clothes I will have my own craft affair… it is like DIY or DIE… A motto I picked up at Craft Mafia. For my new project here is a white jacket I completely enjoyed reconstructing. The jacket is currently displayed at the store. Sold for only P1200.

Back photo: po


Martha stewart website March 17, 2007

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I am getting so fond of the new Martha Stewart website… The revamping made it more interesting with a lot of added features to feast on. Check out this decor ideas I picked out.

Years after that shirt has gone out of style, the buttons often remain fashionable. Here’s a way to get them out of the button box and into view. Look through your stash for charming old buttons (if you don’t have any, start perusing flea markets and garage sales) to turn into kitchen magnets. Just hot-glue a button to a small magnet, and it’s ready for the fridge, where it will give new meaning to the phrase “cute as a button.”

Why hide mementos between the pages of a scrapbook when you can exhibit them as art? Collect souvenir trinkets, seashells, rocks, postcards, or leaves while on holiday, and then use them to create a three-dimensional display that you can enjoy every day.

Vintage and new tins are often decorated with charming, old-fashioned prints and lettering. Clean out these containers, and give them a second life as informal flower vases. We filled one with roses, gomphrenas, and sweet peas. The tins are usually watertight and certainly shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or breakage.

For more of Martha.. just click on Martha Stewart


Handling handles March 6, 2007

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I cant believe that people are really reading my blog. Inspite of my occasional wrong grammar and wrong spelling. I am glad you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed blogging most especially when situation arises… well like today. Some of my friends will understand what I am talking about…. My blog is my journal for everyone to enjoy and to know everything that is going through my head (well not everything). note: Hi Ray!!!
Here is an interesting addition to my DIY fact finds. I am just worried that when they are group together it will start to move.. well felt like it.
What is it? Drawer and Door Handle!!
If you want to liven up your old dilapidated, taken for granted old chest of drawer or side table change the handles. Cool huh?


Another movement below February 20, 2007

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Here are pics of the store at the ground floor… cool ha. I love my signage. All colors of Spring/Summer, and what I always wanted my signage to have some – action!!! Thanks to my friend, owner of Marni’s room Bobby who put my signage together. Visit our store at the Ground Floor of the Rockwell Powerplant formerly Polo Garage (near Starbucks). We’ve got tons of items to check out. More of our Spring Collection, new funky shoes collection… Some unique handcrafted (animae) bags.. a interesting conversational piece like no other.. New accessories, new clothes designer called Whipped – We’ll post pics next time.




Scrappy doo.. February 7, 2007

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While I was working on a necklace for Phil Star, – Valentine feature, a view caught my eye. I love the pattern and color combination… It is a nice photo to post in my blog, what do you think? Yah.. As you can see in the photo I got tons of scrap fabric. I love my friends who never fail to remember me before throwing their scrap to the trash. Throw it me instead!!! I am sure I’d be able to find something to do with it. I was able to fill up 1 whole gigantic luggage filled with scrap fabric, beads, chains, and what not from Louis Claparols, 2 trash bags from New Yorker… geesh. I love all the fabric. I love scrutinizing the details… wonder how it was used, why it was cut that way, how to match them together, what goes with what….. its like one big puzzle.

Or make something like this..


or something like this.. =) Check this out at Mestextiles