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I am so loving my profile picture in facebook. October 26, 2007

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I discovered it while searching thru the web. Years ago before I got into fashion I was so into designer chairs. I would rather buy a La Marie chair by Philippe Starck than buy a Prada bag.. When I saw this poster by Blueantstudio posted in one of my favorite decor blogs I just had save the picture – and put it as my new profile picture in my facebook.

I am very happy with all my new finds of designers/entrepreneur at the store. Designers who put their heart and soul in their designs. Not mass marketed nor commercialize. My new designer is Archie Gonzales. Here are some of his interesting work. Check it out.

ki Pic 1
d v A dress you can wear either front or back. It is a 2 in 1 dress. =)
sw pic enlarge
sd pic enlarge
s pic enlarge

More discoveries… will be posted really soon.


A charming bracelet July 8, 2007

I never thought creating charm bracelet is no easy job. I’ve done several bracelet but “the charm” ensemble is really something. You have to consider so many things – color scheme, weight and balance. You have to be aware that everytime the chain moves it should have different look and personality. Let me share 5 creations… Luckily we already sold 2 pcs in a span of 3 days. I just love it.


Marianne my marianne fav work May 6, 2007

Got so busy going through product sampling, viewing websites of probable consignors for the stores. I use to find it fun and exciting, but recently, I realized most accessory designs have a certain common factor – “too easy to make”. Less thought off, just boring… Then I thought to myself. Am I just being too picky! to “arte”… Yah maybe. But come on – aren’t we all looking for something new? Here are some cool finds I found browsing thru my hive. HINT: I am still looking for something new. Send me an email…

Marianne Anderson

Inspired by the history of ornament, Marianne Anderson’s jewellery presents a considered exploration of traditional ornamental forms and a refreshingly original interpretation of the decorative.


For more of Marianne’s work Marianne’s website


Summer accessories… April 2, 2007

Everytime summer is near people get glued to colorful accessories – from fruits, to flowers, to anything with vibrant color. Even clothes with summery prints – dainty and light material. For 3 years of accessory designing, summer is the most fun time to create some unique and non-serious pieces. Often than not I love to take advantage.. and get bold. and bolder. every year. Here are some of my creations for this summer.

Tutti Frutti neckace
tf1 tf3 tf4 tf2

Summer Cuffs
sc1 sc2 sc3 sc4


Rock en cuffs December 4, 2006

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I love working and designing this collection. Introducing my first cuff collection – the Glam Rock Cuffs =) I’ve done bracelets in the past but this the first time I am making thick ruffled cuffs. I wanted to create an accessory that could transform an outfit – I thought why not cuffs? I’ve seen it happen in those cool Japanese fashion spread.

So if you want to transform your basic ensemble, and if you want to try something different – check this out. This could also be a perfect and unique gift this Christmas.

imgp2840.JPG  imgp2851.JPG  imgp2856.JPG imgp2862.JPG imgp2866.JPG