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More of Numina.. February 2, 2008

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We wanted to document the clothes of the fashion show.. Luckily we only got to take 8 photos. Just first batch of the show. Anyway.. Thanks to Rocky our official photographer. Pol Tapia our official stylist for all season. =) Love you guys. You have been such a great help.

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Vespa Attack 3 year 2007 December 24, 2007

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Wow its been 1 year since I posted the Vespa Attack 2 in my blog. I have no plans of missing the chance to post the recent one, knowing how many hits I get everytime I post pictures of the Vespa Attack . I didn’t get to go but Mico won’t miss going to this event. Its so cool just looking at all the Vespa.. It is a whole day show/parade of different models of Vespa from OLD to the latest models.

ki to enlarge Mico’s Vespa is the first one on the left
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Awesome Mega Magazine Issue October 13, 2007

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meaI am fascinated with the Mega October Issue. Love the fashion spread.. Thanks to Fashion Editor Patrick Ty for using some of our items at the store to complete the wonderful spread.

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Check out Celine’s dress which she wore at the MEGA 10 most beautiful party.. A dress by Geof Gonzales our June/July featured artist of the month

mnb mnv


Irene’s closet now selling online September 4, 2007

Good news!! For those who wanted to grab Irene’s closet unique finds of pre loved and totally refashion stuff, all you have to do is click on the link below. If you live far or just don’t have the time, now is your chance to enjoy a thing or two right at your doorstep.

Come visit… Irene’s closet online shop

Irene’s closet Online Shop

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Parallel universes – cool fashion shoot August 29, 2007

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This is the first time I am blogging about men’s fashion. I always wanted a mens line at the store… but do you think I still have space left? hmmmm. I want to share my discovery. First, I love the fashion shoot, that’s how I discovered Merc.

” If it’s possible to put an address to a mood, a movement, a whole genre of sixties style, carnaby street’s bang on target. merc was there back then, is still hangin there today, an icon, nearly 40 years and many mod revivals later. except now the merc word is truly global, and its appeal pan-generational. Mod fashion transcends decades. sharp looks from different eras meld, metamorphose and shape the styles of today. and nobody’s finger’s more on the pulse of what was, and what will be, than merc’s.with roots in the 60’s vibe of ska and northern soul, merc has carved a unique niche with a vibrant harmonic that echoes across time and continent.”

Here are the photos I picked out.. I just had to share it with you.

For more of Merc —