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Frida Fringes.. something to check out. August 10, 2007

As I was rummaging through my closet of beads, chains, charms, headpieces, straps etc.. looking for a new inspiration. I came across something interesting. My staff knows that I have the tendency to hoard, collect things that I feel got potential and oftentimes I forget all about it. I had this neckpiece for a almost a year now, I suddenly decide to make something out of it… Meet Frida, Frida fringes…

I love how the fringes falls to your neck.. It will surely dress up you simple outfit.. just don’t forget the cleavage power. =) Remember, I only have 3 limited edition pieces.

Neckpiece sold for P899





Limited edition .. I am not plastic.. bag July 29, 2007

I enjoyed making my own ensemble of the I’am not plastic bag. Or should I say, I wanted to add more of “irene’s closet” touch to the Edgy Ecology bag. Since the store has been known to sell unique pieces and not mass produced, I thought I just had to make it more personalize. Check out the first batch of the I am not plastic bag with a twist. We just displayed it today and luckily we sold 2 at once.
The I am not plastic bag, limited edition will also be available at Schu, Glorietta 3 by Wed Aug 1. Come grab you limited edition bag… and help eliminate plastic in a stylish way.

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ju xs


“Play a bit” necklaces collection out now July 28, 2007

fdAside from it being my inspiration for my Coochilala logo… I got so into it that I decided to “play a bit” and work on a full necklace collection made of scrabble letters and bingo chips. It is something new, expect it to be a true conversational piece. So to those who plan to copy this again… Once you finish doing your own version I’ll be out with something new … as always.

I really had a hard time finding the right bingo chips… and scrabble letters. But I am so determine to come out with this collection that I had to go to 8 bookstores and office supply stores just to find the right one, when finally I did… I had to figure out a way to make it into a charm.. Enjoy this collection while it last for I am not making a whole bunch.. It is a limited engagment =)

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A charming bracelet July 8, 2007

I never thought creating charm bracelet is no easy job. I’ve done several bracelet but “the charm” ensemble is really something. You have to consider so many things – color scheme, weight and balance. You have to be aware that everytime the chain moves it should have different look and personality. Let me share 5 creations… Luckily we already sold 2 pcs in a span of 3 days. I just love it.


DIY or DIE … motto May 27, 2007

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p For every collection of clothes I will have my own craft affair… it is like DIY or DIE… A motto I picked up at Craft Mafia. For my new project here is a white jacket I completely enjoyed reconstructing. The jacket is currently displayed at the store. Sold for only P1200.

Back photo: po


Marianne my marianne fav work May 6, 2007

Got so busy going through product sampling, viewing websites of probable consignors for the stores. I use to find it fun and exciting, but recently, I realized most accessory designs have a certain common factor – “too easy to make”. Less thought off, just boring… Then I thought to myself. Am I just being too picky! to “arte”… Yah maybe. But come on – aren’t we all looking for something new? Here are some cool finds I found browsing thru my hive. HINT: I am still looking for something new. Send me an email…

Marianne Anderson

Inspired by the history of ornament, Marianne Anderson’s jewellery presents a considered exploration of traditional ornamental forms and a refreshingly original interpretation of the decorative.


For more of Marianne’s work Marianne’s website


Summer accessories… April 2, 2007

Everytime summer is near people get glued to colorful accessories – from fruits, to flowers, to anything with vibrant color. Even clothes with summery prints – dainty and light material. For 3 years of accessory designing, summer is the most fun time to create some unique and non-serious pieces. Often than not I love to take advantage.. and get bold. and bolder. every year. Here are some of my creations for this summer.

Tutti Frutti neckace
tf1 tf3 tf4 tf2

Summer Cuffs
sc1 sc2 sc3 sc4