Irene’s Closet

Vintage Fashion and Unique finds.

About November 20, 2006

for-blog.JPGThis is my blog

… a certified indie! I have been a designer almost all my life. Well as far as I can remember. A graduate of Interior Design. I literally grew up in a furniture store in a small city up north. I have a strong passion on anything vintage – from decor, fashion, art, watches, cars and style icons.

My art stongly lies on “objects found”… and creating something wonderful.

Irene Pineda


4 Responses to “About”

  1. zlgdesign Says:

    hey you

    great to see that someone out there blogs about designs, and as mad as you, I am proposing you to look up and trust you will consider joining our plight to do it all in style–we’re looking for designers like yourself to embark on anything edgy, mad and luxuriously beautiful-
    passionately us..

  2. Myam Says:

    oh wow, your store looks really nice. 🙂 yay for indie. 🙂

  3. loureenprincess Says:

    Wow! I’ve just learned about you like 30 mins. (stumbled across the web) and I’m loving your craft! I love your coochi mika collection- ‘quilty’. Wonder how much.. I’m so looking forward to buying your stuff.. I’m looking for pieces that are good for cold seasons, as well as chic dresses. Please e-mail me your collection and prices at
    All the best! Princess

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