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I am so loving my profile picture in facebook. October 26, 2007

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I discovered it while searching thru the web. Years ago before I got into fashion I was so into designer chairs. I would rather buy a La Marie chair by Philippe Starck than buy a Prada bag.. When I saw this poster by Blueantstudio posted in one of my favorite decor blogs I just had save the picture – and put it as my new profile picture in my facebook.

I am very happy with all my new finds of designers/entrepreneur at the store. Designers who put their heart and soul in their designs. Not mass marketed nor commercialize. My new designer is Archie Gonzales. Here are some of his interesting work. Check it out.

ki Pic 1
d v A dress you can wear either front or back. It is a 2 in 1 dress. =)
sw pic enlarge
sd pic enlarge
s pic enlarge

More discoveries… will be posted really soon.


3 Responses to “I am so loving my profile picture in facebook.”

  1. kaitleen Says:

    hi there.^^ uhmmm.. may i ask if you have a contact number of archie gonzales im intrested to interview him^^

    im kai quiogue a graduating student from USt. and im taking up fashion design as my thesis…

    is it ok if i interview too?.. kahit thru email lng..thanks!!

  2. irenescloset Says:

    Hi Kai!! Thanks for checking out my blog… I hope it is already saved to your favorites. You may contact Archie 0921-5564880. Sure.. you may email your questions to:

    Thanks! =)

  3. kaitleen Says:

    yup..its already saved to my favorites..hahaha and im planning to visit your shop soon..^^ hope to see you there..thanks!~

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