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Prepare yourself for a Fall Bargain Frenzy day on —Sept 1! August 31, 2007

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hgkTomorrow, Sept 1 marks the launching of Irene’s closet fall collection. It is a collection of knit picks, contrasting colors and texture, and tons of retro inspired looks. All this in a bargain frenzy!. Don’t forget to check out our very popular P300 peso rack, where everything is P300 – from our latest collection down to old. Hurry! We are giving 20% off to our loyal customers tomorrow Sept 1 Saturday and Sept 2 Sunday..

Actual photos will be posted tomorrow for our online buyers! Please watch out for it. =)


Parallel universes – cool fashion shoot August 29, 2007

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This is the first time I am blogging about men’s fashion. I always wanted a mens line at the store… but do you think I still have space left? hmmmm. I want to share my discovery. First, I love the fashion shoot, that’s how I discovered Merc.

” If it’s possible to put an address to a mood, a movement, a whole genre of sixties style, carnaby street’s bang on target. merc was there back then, is still hangin there today, an icon, nearly 40 years and many mod revivals later. except now the merc word is truly global, and its appeal pan-generational. Mod fashion transcends decades. sharp looks from different eras meld, metamorphose and shape the styles of today. and nobody’s finger’s more on the pulse of what was, and what will be, than merc’s.with roots in the 60’s vibe of ska and northern soul, merc has carved a unique niche with a vibrant harmonic that echoes across time and continent.”

Here are the photos I picked out.. I just had to share it with you.

For more of Merc —



Vintage Paper dolls.. something you’ll love. August 26, 2007

xsI am so sure you will also love this vintage paper doll photo I picked out while surfing through my favorite Indie Blogs. Don’t you just love the designs. For over 4 years now, I have been collecting stuff from vintage – posters, pins, hats, toys.. oh yah and even boyfriend. Mico (my boyfriend) is not entirely vintage (referring to age) but he has his own set of vintage collection – from vespa, mini cooper, and watches I should say. At the end of each day, we would compare our finds. I just wish he would start a blog to share his hobby. To think he writes so much better than I do.

I mentioned a while back that I am launching a new line – I still havent thought of a name this coming September. This line is a whole new collection not fashion but to HOME stuff from – vintage clocks, frames, pens, stationary, lamps, toys, and so much more. In connection with this, if you have unique home accessories that you would like to consign/sell you may email it to me at I already got tons of inquiry on this new line, we are totally preparing for it cause everyone is sooo excited.

Samples of the new line
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a sweet tooth on fashion August 24, 2007

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Dessert Couture
Diamond Hotel proudly presents: Dessert Couture!


The first ever event that panders to Manila’s love for delicious desserts happens on August 25 & 26. Indulge in Diamond Hotel’s new line of desserts designed by the celebrated pastry chef, Mr. Pang Kok Keong of Singapore, who was crowned Cacao Barry Pastry Chef of the Year 2007 at the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore.

Enjoy overflowing champagne while relaxing to live entertainment. Witness the Rockwell Loft transform into Paris, New York and Tokyo! Also, get an exclusive preview of Diamond Hotel’s upcoming dessert delivery and catering service. Exciting giveaways also await lucky gourmands!

Choose from three thematic seatings:
Afternoon Tea in Paris 12nn to 2pm
Sunset Cocktails in New York 4pm to 6pm
Tokyo Nightcap 8pm to 10pm

Limited seats only. Tickets are available at the Diamond Hotel or the Rockwell Club for Php 1,000 per ticket.
Php 200 discount will be given to Diamond Indulgence card holders and Rockwell Club members.
Event proceeds will go to Pathways for Higher Education.

For more details and inquiries please contact 528-3000 local 8460.

Fashion show featuring clothes from Irene’s Closet and Anthology available at the Archaeology wing of the Rockwell Powerplant Mall.


Devil wears knock off.. haha August 20, 2007

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kjThis is the 2nd time I am blocking a contact in my multiply blog. I cant believe how this blog had the guts to bash something in my store and call it a knock off.. Excuse me… sorry to disappoint you feeling “fashionista” expert – I don’t sell knock off!! Even had the guts to grab some photos in my blog. Geesh.. How low can someone get. I am not posting the site nor mentioning the name or the item…. For this blog to be popular. Yah maybe in a million years.

I am happy with what Rockwell did with the latest Urban Bazaar. The adding of new stores, new concepts and brands made it really interesting and worth going to. To those who missed Irene’s Closet, in last weekend bazaar – we are an escalator away. Come on. I am sure, who ever went to the bazaar still went to the Archaeology wing. Our wing were packed with shoppers and sales been great!!!


Coochi Mika Collection out today August 19, 2007

All the names of the Coochi Lala collection starts with a Coochi. From Coochi Tulle, Coochi Dorothy, Coochi Andie etc.. Now we have Coochi Mika. This way its easy for me to track.

I really love this collection. My mom is painstakingly helping me put the lovely vintage fabric together to form a “scrapwork made in heaven” dress. I got tons of interesting fabric. Fabric which were gift from our famous local designer friends. From old dresses which I never had the guts to sell before because I just love the fabric. This is the first batch of the Mika collection under the brand Coochi Lala.

Keep in mind that this are one of a kind pieces therefore you will never bump into anyone with exactly the same dress. Don’t you just love that..

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“I am not plastic” bag found another home at SCHU Glorietta August 15, 2007

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cxLimited Edition “I am not plastic bag found another home… well technically.. at SCHU Glorietta. SCHU has been Irene’s closet home since 2004. I sold my first jake robot bag tag there.. my first necklace, bracelets and so much more. Ruby Gan owner of Schu, my friend and my mentor thought of bringing me back home. This time with a wonderful cause.

This is Not Plastic Project bag is part of a limited collection manufactured by the able hands of a women’s indigent group, and creatively embellished by designers of IRENE’S CLOSET, using only eco-friendly materials.

Every year, the world consumes a trillion plastic bags. Globally, that’s one million every minute.

By reusing this bag, you instantly lessen the need for plastic, which is a leading cause of garbage worldwide and a big contributor to marine degradation.

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