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Moving UP SALE!!! Up to 50% discount March 30, 2007

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wEleven more days from today… mark the date – April 11. The much awaited Rockwell Powerplant new fashion wing – Archaeology is finally!!

In connection with this, Irene’ s closet is celebrating a Moving UP SALE starting today March 30, 2007 Friday. Come visit us at our temporary space near Tyler and avail of 20% to 50% discount. More freebies and additional discount awaits our valued Irene’s closet VIP card holders.

Hope to see you!!


How fabulous is this dress? March 19, 2007

chloe dress
How fabulous is this dress?
Extremely stunning but yes beyond expensive. I admire the magnificantly crafted but yet uncleanable ornamentation. But I simply dont care. I just love it. Its from the chloe’s summer collection. The most perfect palette, pattern and silhouette… what ‘s there not to love? I am sure if my friend Joyce would see this – she’ll just say – “kayang kaya mo gawin yan!” (tagalog) which means “you can easily do that”.


Martha stewart website March 17, 2007

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I am getting so fond of the new Martha Stewart website… The revamping made it more interesting with a lot of added features to feast on. Check out this decor ideas I picked out.

Years after that shirt has gone out of style, the buttons often remain fashionable. Here’s a way to get them out of the button box and into view. Look through your stash for charming old buttons (if you don’t have any, start perusing flea markets and garage sales) to turn into kitchen magnets. Just hot-glue a button to a small magnet, and it’s ready for the fridge, where it will give new meaning to the phrase “cute as a button.”

Why hide mementos between the pages of a scrapbook when you can exhibit them as art? Collect souvenir trinkets, seashells, rocks, postcards, or leaves while on holiday, and then use them to create a three-dimensional display that you can enjoy every day.

Vintage and new tins are often decorated with charming, old-fashioned prints and lettering. Clean out these containers, and give them a second life as informal flower vases. We filled one with roses, gomphrenas, and sweet peas. The tins are usually watertight and certainly shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or breakage.

For more of Martha.. just click on Martha Stewart


Cool stores in Japo March 6, 2007

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01b-1.jpgFor those who know my type of fashion… my inspiration in determining my clothing collection – you’ll know how japanese fashion greatly influence my “style” – both store and personal. I am addicted to japanese fashion magazine. I feel depress when my friend from Los Angeles forgets … (raffy this is for you) to send a copy of Ginza, etc. To make up for the delay my friend sent me some cool japanese website (that also need translating). I found some cool “store pics” for sharing. Check them out.

01b.jpg 04b.jpg05b.jpg5b.jpg7.jpg07a1.jpg09b.jpg011b.jpg


Handling handles

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I cant believe that people are really reading my blog. Inspite of my occasional wrong grammar and wrong spelling. I am glad you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed blogging most especially when situation arises… well like today. Some of my friends will understand what I am talking about…. My blog is my journal for everyone to enjoy and to know everything that is going through my head (well not everything). note: Hi Ray!!!
Here is an interesting addition to my DIY fact finds. I am just worried that when they are group together it will start to move.. well felt like it.
What is it? Drawer and Door Handle!!
If you want to liven up your old dilapidated, taken for granted old chest of drawer or side table change the handles. Cool huh?


Mega Magazine Feature… March 1, 2007

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mega-cover.jpgAfter months of hybernating… I am so happy to see my latest collection featured at the new Mega issue March 2007. I love the photos aside from the fact that my brother Paolo was the photographer. A really good styling job by Patrick Ty (mega’s fashion editor). To prove how much I love the fashion spread I bought 3 copies of this particular issue… The last time I bought a whole bunch of copies was when my store was featured as “those vintage out of the way stores” more than a year ago. Yah… I had curly hair that time.. eews!!

mega-pic-2.jpg mega-pic-6.jpg

If you want to check out all the photos click on the photo above.