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Smartwrap for earphone cords February 27, 2007

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Smartwrap is easy to use and is designed for cords of ipods ,mini ipods, most Mp3 players and the standard walkman. We do not recommend using the smartwrap for USB and telephone cables for the fastener is not designed for them. We have the syncwrap which caters for these larger cables.

I consider this as one of the best invention for music lover like me. Organizes, manages and prolong the life of your earphone cord… Get one now.



Mod screening… to divide February 24, 2007

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As i was going through my usual blog hiving… I came across this cool colored printed screen by Modern Convenience. Mod Screens are wonderful for separating space in your home or office and also add a lovely dash of color to any room. The printed screens are kicked up a couple notches with vibrant vinyl details and come in an array of bold prints and designs including Heavy Metal (a swirly gothic wrought iron pattern), Recess (reminiscent of a playground chain link),

I want something like this to separate my kitchen/dining and my living room area. what ya think? Cool ha.


Another movement below February 20, 2007

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Here are pics of the store at the ground floor… cool ha. I love my signage. All colors of Spring/Summer, and what I always wanted my signage to have some – action!!! Thanks to my friend, owner of Marni’s room Bobby who put my signage together. Visit our store at the Ground Floor of the Rockwell Powerplant formerly Polo Garage (near Starbucks). We’ve got tons of items to check out. More of our Spring Collection, new funky shoes collection… Some unique handcrafted (animae) bags.. a interesting conversational piece like no other.. New accessories, new clothes designer called Whipped – We’ll post pics next time.




my own apartment therapy

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Fixing my apartment is a huge stress reliever . As I’ve said before it is a forever project for me. Let me share something new in my apartment. A lime green chandelier. Cool huh.. Trust me its not expensive!!!
Another cool find – a cool retro maroon colored lampshade. I also have it in lime green… My recent favorite things are my new ipod (sorry its my ever first MP3 player), radio transmitter so I could listen to my ipod anywhere (cheap connector).. and not forget my new Mac Book (which I clean everyday! hehe)


Kung Hei FAt Choi February 19, 2007

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Yesterday marked the first day of the Chinese Calendar. Kung Hei fat choi to everyone! Today, I was wondering about my year of the pig forecast for Wood Tiger like me.. Well I got numerous horoscopes and predictions… I didn’t get to add it anymore in my journler. I figure as long as its going to be a good year both personal and career then no need to post it anymore. But I found an interesting thought I am considering of getting one for good luck.. check this out.

teapot tassle

No, your eyes are not playing cruel tricks with you! This particular tassel does indeed feature a petite little crystal teapot, attached to lovely Earth-toned Chinese silk cording with macrame accents.
Allright then, on to what the teapot actually represents in Feng Shui! In Chinese culture, when one moves into a new home, office or business area, it is a standard and traditional procedure to get a kettle boiling with water within the new place. This is because the Chinese believe that it is good luck – the Yang-natured steam rising from the spout is able to welcome the arrival of Wealth and prosperity to a new surrounding.
The Chinese will also go a step further, and add dates, ginger slices and spring onion to the simmering water. It is said that these herbs are able to maximize the Wealth and prosperity luck.
For those of you who are keen to have an auspicious start in new businesses, educations or other kinds of endeavors, The Auspicious Beginnings Tassel is perfect for you. To enjoy the Wealth & prosperity luck without the hassle of hauling out your old kettle, place this item close to you when you are conducting your new endeavor!
This charming, very Asian tassel is also perfect as housewarming gifts.

For more of good luck charms click on


My heart’s desire… a feature on Phil Star (local newspaper) February 10, 2007

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Bea Ledesma, writer of Y-syle and Pet life section of Philippines Star, who is a good friend and been so ever loved by all designers; came out with two major feature (full spread) of Irene’s closet on 2 consecutive weekends.

A feature on our lovable hairy pets apparel sold exclusively at my store, brand called Foxxy fibby

and yesterdays Y-style section – on valentine gift guide our new limited edition “heart hinge” necklace…. Bea’s article made my valentine complete. The article also featured good friends like Mickey See of Cru and Happy David.




Scrappy doo.. February 7, 2007

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While I was working on a necklace for Phil Star, – Valentine feature, a view caught my eye. I love the pattern and color combination… It is a nice photo to post in my blog, what do you think? Yah.. As you can see in the photo I got tons of scrap fabric. I love my friends who never fail to remember me before throwing their scrap to the trash. Throw it me instead!!! I am sure I’d be able to find something to do with it. I was able to fill up 1 whole gigantic luggage filled with scrap fabric, beads, chains, and what not from Louis Claparols, 2 trash bags from New Yorker… geesh. I love all the fabric. I love scrutinizing the details… wonder how it was used, why it was cut that way, how to match them together, what goes with what….. its like one big puzzle.

Or make something like this..


or something like this.. =) Check this out at Mestextiles