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The new store concept… approved December 29, 2006

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imgp3254.JPGI was finally able to use my Interior Design background to create the design for the store.. I saved on design fees and drafting works… a freaking P25,000 maybe. If I were to design that’s probably how much I will charge… or should I say what I use to charge as an ex interior designer.

I love the concept for the new store. Slowly everything I ever wanted is falling into place. Yah.. except for the flooring that Rockwell refuses to retain for me. Oh well.. I just have to do away with their concept and trust their designers to do justice on this new store concept that they planning in the new Independent Lifestyle.

They are still thinking of a new name for our area – please no more of the ”logy” names. Mira was saying something like “archeology” – oh pleeease!!

Well, if you guys have some suggestions I would love to forward it to powerplant – anything but “archeology!”@#$%^&

Wanna see the look of the new store? This is just the concept board which they already approve… enjoy!imgp3255.JPG

the whole store concept board

imgp3256.JPG store perspective with lots of red notes from mall designers

imgp3264.JPG color schemes – bright pink, mustard and dark deep blue violet…

imgp3270.JPG all movable panels and inter-changeable decors. I want the decals to change every 2 months depending on the mood of the collection.

imgp3257.JPG retro motif.. colors and furniture


one of my favorite items that will be in my store – 1 black and 1 white tulip chair


and my colorful chandelier… i hope to buy another one

  imgp3267.JPGI’d be putting some removable stickers… and some vintage fabric panels…

So what you guys think? not whimsical enough? hahaha










Breakfast at Seatles December 16, 2006

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imgp2932.JPGRecently I had a wonderful breakfast meeting/chat with my friend Rica. We wanted to discuss what articles to post in the website. While we were having breakfast at Seatles Best Powerplant Mall – I noticed how cool the interiors. Love the corner panoramic photo on the wall on the new extension area Check out the brick wallpaper. The shop interior is totally different from the way I remembered it. I believe they renovated just recently. They did a pretty good job. I also do recommend the breakfast. Dont forget to try their pancakes. =)

imgp2933.JPG imgp2934.JPG


Winter collection 2005.. reminiscing.

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I miss my stylehive… I missed like 40 pages since my last login. That’s how busy I am. Its Christmas what can I say. As I was going through my archive I saw my collection last year. Let me post it to see the comparison of my work. I wonder, did I evolve in some ways? Did I grow as a designer? Tell me what you think…

snowlong007.jpg      snowshort006.jpg   snowshort2008.jpg


Vespa Attack! December 10, 2006

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imgp2997.JPGOne of Mico’s favorite things is his Vespa… and his Vespa friends/groupies =) They even have a meet every Friday’s at Starbucks Rockwell Powerplant mall. Last night, it started to rain but Mico convinced me to go with him to this year’s Vespa attack2. Wherein, there was a city ride in the morning and a raffle/party in the evening. I asked “what the hell will I do there?” When Mico said – take pictures.. I thought.. hmmm… why not. Nice pictures to add in my blog. For the longest time… 6 months to be exact.. I must admit I really enjoyed our ride around Makati . Don’t ask where Mico has gone with his Vespa – for he has gone everywhere!

imgp2995.JPG imgp3003.JPG imgp3006.JPG imgp3007.JPG



Smooth Military

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Busy busy busy… I have been overworked, I lack sleep, I feel like my throat is starting to sore… Inspite of all that I was so determine to finish my Military collection. My schedule is sooo erratic – I am going crazy!! – Sorry I just had to say all this.


imgp2953.JPGI feel that its worth all the trouble and excitement… I love this collection. These are very rare pieces. I handpicked the patches from a vintage military suit. If only I can just keep it all to myself and maybe wear them all at the same time

imgp2952.JPG imgp2960.JPG imgp2963.JPG imgp2973.JPG imgp2990.JPG



Rock en cuffs December 4, 2006

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I love working and designing this collection. Introducing my first cuff collection – the Glam Rock Cuffs =) I’ve done bracelets in the past but this the first time I am making thick ruffled cuffs. I wanted to create an accessory that could transform an outfit – I thought why not cuffs? I’ve seen it happen in those cool Japanese fashion spread.

So if you want to transform your basic ensemble, and if you want to try something different – check this out. This could also be a perfect and unique gift this Christmas.

imgp2840.JPG  imgp2851.JPG  imgp2856.JPG imgp2862.JPG imgp2866.JPG